Casting Parts For the Hydrogen Powered TIG/m Streetcars

We have been casting streetcar parts for the California based company TIG/m. They are the only company in the world using hydrogen fuel cells to power their cars. Here is a short video about the company.

TIG/m streetcar

TIG/m streetcar

Look closely for the step supports we sand cast in aluminum and the bronze handles and other details throughout the car that were cast using the lost wax process. These rough castings are shipped to their factory where they are finished and installed.

Visit their web page to see more of their process and where these streetcars are going.

Copper in the Arts Magazine Article

Just had this article published by the Copper Development Association’s magazine, Copper in the Arts.

Carolina Bronze: Sculptural Puzzle Solving

By Courtney H. Diener-Stokes

Captain Jack StatueCaptain Jack by Chas Fagan.

Sculptor Ed Walker dabbled in a lot of experimental materials before developing an affinity for working with bronze.

“It’s a lasting material,” he says, recalling a time when bronze proved itself. “It has stood the test of time and people trust in it. During the ‘60s and ‘70s, a lot of sculpture was experimental and some of it didn’t hold up and some did.”

Aside from his own work, the Seagrove, North Carolina-based artist’s 25 year-old business, Carolina Bronze, depends on it. “We specialize in fine arts bronze casting and fabrication,” says Edward’s wife, Melissa, who is a painter and printmaker in addition to being the V.P. and marketing director of the business. Their clientele consists of artists, architects, museums and non-profits. “Artists would be our biggest clientele,” says Melissa, particularly those who hail from the East Coast.

To read more of the article online go to:
Carolina Bronze, Sculptural Problem Solving

Big Ring for Virginia Tech

Carolina Bronze recently had the pleasure of working with Virginia Tech University to create a large scale class ring for installation on the campus.

The Big Ring features a side recreated from the 1911 ring and the university side of the 2011 class ring. The bezel includes the shield of the seal of Virginia Tech and the linking chain of class numerals – 1911 on one side and 2011 on the other. The CAD models were created by Balfour, the current Virginia Tech ring company. The prototype modeling and casting using the lost wax technique were done by Carolina Bronze Sculpture. The final finishing work was completed by Professor Emeritus Steve Bickley who also oversaw technical aspects of the project. For more information about the project, visit Big Ring.


Thomas Spratt and King Hagler Sculpture

The Trail of History in Charlotte will feature life-size statues of famous historical figures from Mecklenburg County’s past. This sculpture by artist Chas Fagan, takes a look at the lives of early settler Thomas Spratt and Catawba Indian leader King Hagler. The video explains the history surrounding Spratt and Hagler and follows Charlotte artist Chas Fagan’s process to create a statue commemorating these two men. (at around 10 minutes in)  Shots of the foundry process at Carolina Bronze Sculpture are also included.

T-shirts and Polos on the Way!

We have T-shirts in tan and grey with a newly designed logo on the back and Carolina Bronze Sculpture on the front pocket coming in soon. They will be on sale for $15 each. The polos are black with Carolina Bronze Sculpture embroidered in gold metallic thread on the front pocket for $25 each. Available sizes are M, L, XL, XXL. Let us know if you would like one!

CBS logo final 9_19_14

James B. Duke

Carolina Bronze is proud to have partnered with the Duke Endowment to recreate the statue of James B Duke, located on the campus of Duke University. The original sculpture was cast in 1924. Our craftsmen made molds of the original piece, then recast a new sculpture to be installed at the new Duke Endowment location.
Established in 1924 by N.C. industrialist and philanthropist James B. Duke, The Duke Endowment is one of the largest private foundations in the Southeast. The new building is located on East Morehead Street in Charlotte.

Here are some images from the process.

Keith Simmerson’s Bull Dog

Keith needed an enlargement done for an 8′ commissioned Bulldog sculpture. He walked into the studio with his 18″ model, already sculpted in full detail. For this project Keith asked that we make the enlargement out of 1.5lb EPS foam.

The first step is to take a 3D laser scan of the small scale model. This provides us with a very accurate digital three dimension map of the  surface of the model. The data can then be viewed, manipulated and scaled from within our computer software. Finally this information, at the desired numerical scale, is sent over to our CNC carving machine which then carves out blocks of foam to the precise geometry of the scanned model.

In this particular case, Keith also needed to have an armature tightly embedded inside the foam. The armature was pre-designed and modeled directly at the digital stage, and grooves were cut out during the CNC machining operation, so that during the assembly stage everything would fit tightly and seamlessly.

Keith has taken possession of the enlargement and brought it back to his studio, we look forward to seeing the finished piece!





Christina Cordova

Christina Cordova is a nationally recognized sculptor with works featured in the permanent collections of major institutions around the country. We were delighted to have her visit the foundry and spend some time working in the wax room on some new soon-to-be bronze pieces. Here is some progress, with raw, unfinished bronze just making its way towards metal finishing.