Carolina Bronze at INDEX Dubai 2018


Carolina Bronze Sculpture is one of four NC businesses sharing a booth at INDEX Dubai 2018 in Dubai, UAE. The booth is sponsored by the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina for manufacturing companies looking to export to the Middle East market. We will be promoting our foundry business as well as high end sculpture sales for both interior and exterior projects in the private, corporate, government, public and hotel hospitality sector. Our focus will be on abstract, figurative and animal sculptures in all media.

Launched in 1990, INDEX is the Middle East & North Africa’s largest gathering for the design community. INDEX connects architects, interior designers, developers & procurement professionals with new brands, trend setting start-ups & the biggest international names in the interior furnishings & fit-out scene across all industries.

We are looking for sculptors to participate in this venture with us. During the trade show, we will have both digital and print samples of sculpture for sale as well as the sculpture that is

represented on our sculpture garden website. We are also looking into shipping some small sculptures to display in the booth. We will be meeting with numerous potential buyers before and after the trade show in a one on one setting, with a translator if needed.

If you are interested in having your sculpture represented by Carolina Bronze, during and after this trade show, please contact Melissa Walker at for information and requirements no later than March 2.


stART’18 at Carolina Bronze

stART The New Year Right
Create Your Own Sculpture In Molten Aluminum!

Carolina Bronze Sculpture and Billingsley Atelier are hosting a scratch block workshop and aluminum pour along with an Open House at the foundry in Seagrove, NC, as part of the stART’18 New Year’s celebration. stART’18 – the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture is an world wide event sponsored by the Sculpture Network and is designed to celebrate and promote sculpture. Whether museum, studio, gallery or work space, throughout the world, various art-oriented hosts are opening their doors for all types of sculpture enthusiasts. Join us on Sunday, January 28 from 11am-4pm.

Create your own design by scratching into prepared sand molds, then watch as our staff pours molten aluminum into your mold. It is cool and ready to take home within one hour. While you are visiting, be sure to walk through NC’s newest sculpture garden, home to over 18 sculptures installed around a beautiful pond. And don’t forget to take a foundry tour to see how bronze sculpture is made. Champagne will be available for the traditional New Year’s toast at 1pm.

Sand molds are $30 per block and all tools and metal will be provided. Bring your own sand molds and have them poured for the cost of the metal. Molds can be carved from 11-3pm and will be poured at 3pm.
Please RSVP if you plan on creating or bringing a sand mold to

The sculpture garden will be open for tours on your own. We have an audio tour available at If you are interested in learning about the sculptures and many of the plants in the garden, download the app to your phone and type in Carolina Bronze.

The foundry will also be open for free guided tours. We are currently working on several large scale sculptures! Please wear closed toe shoes for your safety and keep small children close. The foundry tour takes approximately 45 minutes.


Visit North Carolina’s Newest Sculpture Garden!

The Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden’s mission is to educate and inspire the community and visitors from around the country about large scale sculpture in a beautiful natural setting and to pursue sales of the sculpture featured in the park and on our website to collectors, businesses, developers and municipalities.

The Sculpture

The Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden collection consists of donated and loaned sculptures that represent emerging and established artists working in all 3D media suitable for the outdoors. As an extension of the park, several sculptures are installed in downtown Seagrove, NC.

The Gardens

The Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden is a natural and landscaped area overlooking a beautiful 1.25 acre pond. A .5 mile walking trail loops around the pond with benches and a picnic area situated along the trail. With help from horticulturists from the NC Zoo, Carolina Bronze has chosen plants and trees that are native to the NC landscape and will attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife that populate the area.

The garden is open to the public and will provide a contemplative place for walking and exercise as well as information about native NC plants.

Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden

2016 Tri-State Sculpture Conference at Carolina Bronze

October 6-9, 2016

Save the date

for the 38th Annual Tri-State Sculptors Conference.

The 38th Annual Tri-State Sculptors Conference will be held at Carolina Bronze Sculpture in Seagrove, NC and STARworks in Star, NC. Exhibitions will be held in nearby Asheboro, Seagrove, and the Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden. There will be tours of the NC Zoo’s sculpture collection in Asheboro and the NC Pottery Center along with Seagrove area potters in Seagrove.

Tri-State SculptorsWe already have presentations and demos lined up on “Rigging Large Sculpture”, “Preparing Your Artist Estate”, “The NCSU Arts Entrepreneurship Program”, “Selling Your Art”, Rubber mold making, Patinas, Sandcasting, Glass blowing, How Digital imaging can help sell public art,  and are anticipating 15-20 more presentations from our members. There will be 2 round table discussions, and Liberty Arts from Durham, NC will be on hand to run the iron pour. Daniel Johnston, will be building and firing a large ceramic sculpture onsite on Saturday and will be our speaker Saturday evening.

This year we will also have vendors set up at STARworks to provide members with info on where to buy sculpture supplies and equipment. Some vendors will be providing presentations as well. We anticipate that camping will be available on the Carolina Bronze grounds for a minimal fee. And more is being planned!

Here is some info about our Friday evening keynote speaker who’s topic will be creativity. He is incredibly interesting and a great speaker!

Noah Scalin (b. June 2, 1972) is an American artist, known for his creation of the award winning Skull-A-Day art project weblog. He runs the socially conscious design and consulting firm Another Limited Rebellion (ALR Design) in Richmond, Virginia. Noah is the author of several books on creativity, art, and design.

By using everyday items, including mass produced consumer goods, in his photographs, installations, and sculptures, Scalin asks the viewer to recontextualize the ‘things’ in their lives that are normally taken for granted, overlooked or discarded. His work narrates the potential long-term impact of humans and their creations, giving the audience an opportunity to shift their ‘thing-ethos’ from linear (cradle-to-grave), to cyclical (cradle-to-cradle).

Be sure to attend what promises to be a jam packed
and informative conference!
More information about the conference will be coming soon.

Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden

The Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden will be a natural and landscaped area overlooking a beautiful 1.25 acre pond. A .5 mile walking trail will loop around the pond with several benches and picnic areas situated along the trail. With the help of horticulturalists from the NC Zoo, Carolina Bronze has chosen plants and trees that are native to the NC landscape and will attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife that populate the area. Deer are often seen as well as a beautiful blue heron that has taken up residence around the pond. It will be open to the public and will provide the town of Seagrove a safe, contemplative place for walking and exercise as well as a place to educate and inspire the community and visitors from around the country about large scale public sculpture.

DSCN1427The Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden collection will consist of donated, acquired and loaned sculptures that represent emerging and established artists working in all 3D media suitable for the outdoors. They are also accepting donations of sculpture from artist’s estates. Ten sculptures have already been donated or loaned for the collection. This collection will increase public awareness and support for state and local artists by displaying their artwork in various locations throughout the Sculpture Garden and the town of Seagrove. The collection will be curated based on content, quality and suitability. All sculpture selected for the collection will be installed on a secure base, insured and regularly maintained by Carolina Bronze Sculpture, Inc.  Each sculpture will be labeled with the artist name, title of the art work, media, price if for sale and a Q code with a direct link back to the artist’s website.

Our timetable for completion of the first stage of this project is August, 2016. We would like to dedicate the park during the 38th Tri-State Sculpture Conference to be held at Carolina Bronze and at STARworks in October of 2016.

If you would like to be a part of our sculpture garden, please contact Melissa Walker at for more information.

Shipping Container Storage

Everywhere you look, recycled shipping containers are popping up as a new and innovative possibility in everything from the old idea of storage, to the new and more exciting idea of building construction!

Well, of course, Carolina Bronze Sculpture, Inc., is not one to get behind on the times or fail to utilize the opportunity to recycle while simultaneously expanding our abilities to better serve our customers. In conjunction to our newly projected Solar panels and geothermal system, we decided to help recycle some used shipping containers to achieve both added storage space to fit our growing clientele and added to that idea by allowing the containers to become the walls for our new patina area and large sculpture hanger.

We then purchased a POD roof, which is a roof that is constructed on the ground and then raised by a crane and attached to the top of the container walls. The roof is comparatively lightweight, easy to construct, and a fast and effective solution to cover and protect an area that creates a new usable space.

Way to go GREEN, Carolina Bronze!!!

“Freedom’s Charge” by Artist Chas Fagan

Our resident artist and sculptor, Chas Fagan, has once again brought pride to our foundry, as well as our country, with his recent addition to Old Parkland in Dallas, Texas. Here, the history of our Nation is preserved and brought back to life for new generations to enjoy and understand.

“The American Experiment is intended to stimulate reflection on our nation’s heritage and serve as a reminder of its importance. The thoughtful placement of each piece is meant to entice and intrigue visitors. Visitors may stumble across an unfamiliar quote or an obscure piece of sculpture that invites them to reflect on the intent and look for deeper meaning.” ,

Situated outside of Oak Lawn Hall, “Freedom’s Charge,” a 14-foot-tall original bronze sculpture by artist Chas Fagan, depicts two life-size figures of American Revolutionary soldiers. One soldier holds a rifle, while the other holds a billowing “Bunker Hill Flag,” as depicted by artist John Trumbull. Infused in the sculpted “ground” beneath the soldiers’ feet are symbols and historical details of the American Revolution for visitors to contemplate.”

s chargefreedoms charge by chas faganThe construction of this piece was a massive undertaking. The flag alone called for our welders to exercise their best skills and technique in order to provide strength of structure and execute the exact vision of the artist.   The completion of this statue is a fine demonstration of collaboration between the sculptors’ mind and his perfected attention to detail and the talented craftsmen at Carolina Bronze Sculpture, Inc., that dedicate their time not only to excellent quality, but to the artists themselves.

William Lamb, Sculptor

fish by william lambRecently, we received a clay piece from the artist/sculptor, William Lamb. William contacted us from Florida and asked if we could help turn his vision of fish in water into bronze.

“My initial idea was to have the fish seem to be floating.  When I have looked at other pieces like this in the past they seem to be cluttered up at the base and contact with fish. I guess it is this was so the two pieces will stay connected.  But, it’s not very representational of what happens in the water.  They say art is the interpretation of what is, but I have seen people that don’t understand habitat and wildlife totally misinterpret that vital part, so set up is so important.” – William Lamb

Just as William’s interpretation of the natural world is important to him; we feel the same way about our dedication to our customer’s concerns. Our wax room, metal shop, and general managers all worked closely together to communicate William’s desires into the bronze without jeopardizing the stability of its structure. In the end, we were able to produce a piece that achieved the desired “floating in water” effect that the sculptor had intended.

Last week, the finished sculpture was packaged up and sent back to William in Florida.

Just got it and it is awesome!!! Thank you so much for getting this done and please tell Jim and the boys they did a fabulous job! Being that it was my first run at this, I could not be more pleased in how it turned out and the entire process. Y’all did great! Best to all of you and Happy Thanksgiving.” – William Lamb

First of Many in Downtown Seagrove!

Seagrove, NC has it’s first sculpture located at the corner of Hwy 705 and Main St on the property of Seagrove Stoneware. “Balancing Time II”  by sculptor Ed Walker is the first of several temporary sculpture installations planned for the downtown area.

“We are doing this as a way to develop arts and tourism in Seagrove,” Ed Walker said. “We have such a great community of artists up and down this road and we need to support all of them.

“2-3 more sculptures are planned for the downtown area,” Melissa Walker said. “We want to try to do a variety of styles in order to appeal to folks in town and those who visit. The community is really excited about it.”

This is an extension of a sculpture park being constructed at the foundry on Maple Springs Road in Seagrove.

“There is still a lot of work to do to landscape the area, put in a walking path and set out large scale outdoor sculptures,” Walker said. “We are planning for 15-20 sculptures along a walking path around a 1 ½-acre pond and we have 45 acres to expand later. We put a call out to other sculptors and already have 11 commitments.

See more at:  Courier Tribune Online
View the video here:  Balancing Time II