3D-Scanning, Enlargement and Reduction

Carolina BronzeWith our state of the art laser scanning equipment, high detail scans are converted to code. Foam enlargements are carved on our CNC router. Digital enlargements are a very efficient and extremely precise way of enlarging your model to its full commissioned size.These foam armatures are covered in a thin coating of oil based clay. The sculptor then finishes the final detail, and we resume the work with the traditional lost wax casting process.We can also use this technology to reduce a sculpture in size and creating a 3D print in several different materials. Sculptors also have the option of bringing in a digital file that can be created directly in foam, with the normal process continuing from there.

Typical applications:

Carolina Bronze SculptureEnlargements:                                                        Bring in a 12-18″ model, we will scan it and use this information to either machine in foam or fabricate an enlarged version of your model.

Digital archiving and reproduction:                       Laser scanning is a non-contact and extremely accurate form of  digitizing. You can create a digital replica, think of it as a digital mold, of your work.

Reduction:                                                                The advent of Rapid Prototyping processes means that we can use scan data to reduce a sculpture and make a solid, high definition print using rapid prototyping. This process is commonly used in fundraising, we create a reduction which can be used to make small scale bronzes  or resins of the sculpture to give to donors.