Cast Bronze and Aluminum

Carolina Bronze Sculpture

We are, at our heart, a traditional fine art bronze casting foundry. Our process includes rubber molding, ceramic shell, and lost wax casting. Our bronzes are then welded, chased and finished with the patina of your choice. We can create a range of sizes, from desktop to monumental. In addition, we offer no-bake sand molding and casting in bronze and aluminum for large scale work. This method is also ideal for casting large plaques.



Some of our high profile projects include:
Captain Jack, the Spirit of Mecklenberg (Charlotte NC), a 14′ bronze rider and horse sculpted by Chas Fagan.  Fagan’s other works include a life size President HW Bush (on the USS Bush), the 7′ Ronald Reagan that stands inside the Rotunda of the US Capitol in Washington DC, as well as the 12′ Reagan that stands opposite then General Eisenhower outside the US Embassy in London.


Other sculptors who regularly work with us on life size or larger projects include Aristides Demetrios, Carl Regutti, Richard Pumphreys, Lawrence Bechtel, Dean Carter, Jim Barnhill, Rick Weaver, Paul Nixon.