Digital Technology and Design

Digital technology includes very powerful tools that help the artist realize his or her vision at many stages of their project.  Our in-house, digital services include:

Rapid Prototyping                                                                                                                    3D Modeling and Rendering                                                                                                   Reverse Engineering CAD

D09In the design / exploration phase, 3D modeling tools allow us to very quickly sketch out ideas, examine relative scales, and assess the spatial dynamics and relations that  are key to any successful sculptural or architectural composition.

In seeking commissions, nothing is quite as effective as full 3D photorealistic renderings of the project in situ, full 3D animations and fly-bys are also extremely powerful presentation tools.


Design choices, even the details, can have huge effects on cost. The surface area of finished metal, length of weld, detailed estimates of material requirements, and costs for different plate thicknesses are crucial to understanding costs. With our expertise in this field we can guide you through the difficulties of realizing the most cost-effective design without sacrificing anything to the artistic intent.