Keith Simmerson’s Bull Dog

Keith needed an enlargement done for an 8′ commissioned Bulldog sculpture. He walked into the studio with his 18″ model, already sculpted in full detail. For this project Keith asked that we make the enlargement out of 1.5lb EPS foam.

The first step is to take a 3D laser scan of the small scale model. This provides us with a very accurate digital three dimension map of the  surface of the model. The data can then be viewed, manipulated and scaled from within our computer software. Finally this information, at the desired numerical scale, is sent over to our CNC carving machine which then carves out blocks of foam to the precise geometry of the scanned model.

In this particular case, Keith also needed to have an armature tightly embedded inside the foam. The armature was pre-designed and modeled directly at the digital stage, and grooves were cut out during the CNC machining operation, so that during the assembly stage everything would fit tightly and seamlessly.

Keith has taken possession of the enlargement and brought it back to his studio, we look forward to seeing the finished piece!