From 2D to 3D, the Making of The “Saratoga Surrender Sculpture”

In the spirit of “Bringing People Together,” the 30th Anniversary of the Saratoga City Center celebrates the turning point of the Revolutionary War with a massive 4′ by 6′ bronze sculpture.

Saratoga Final Bronze web

This massive bronze bas-relief depicts the surrender of British General Burgoyne to the American General Gates, a turning point in the war for independence. The work of art was created by the nationally-known painter and sculptor Chas Fagan, based on John Trumbull’s famous oil painting “The Surrender of John Burgoyne.”

The “Saratoga Surrender Sculpture” will find a permanent home in the new memorial park called the Saratoga Surrender Site, south of Schuylerville, later this year.

Making this plaque was one of the most interesting jobs Carolina Bronze has done. A hi-res photo of the original painting was taken and converted to black and white. This image was scanned and converted to a low relief image using specialty software.

painting web color



clay web





This scan was converted to code, sent to our CNC machine and carved in foam. Clay was added to the surface and the traditional process of molding and casting began.