Carolina Bronze Sculpture is more than happy to help provide an estimate for any sculpture or project that you have in mind.  Please see below for information required.

In order to provide you with an estimate, we ask that you please submit the following:

  • Dimensions of your model and dimensions of the final sculpture
  • The size and material of the base if you have one and if you are asking that one be provided or created for your sculpture
  • Enough photos/sketches to describe your model/sculpture on all sides
  • The projected time frame / due date for your project’s completion
  • Anticipated budget

Any missing or incomplete information could result in a delay in receiving your estimate.

If you are unfamiliar with the casting process or with the potential costs that it could entail, please click on the following link to assist you with your project. The Casting Process

Thank you for contacting Carolina Bronze Sculpture and we look forward to working with you!!

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Type of mounting/ base: Please provide any information you have including dimensions.
When will you need the work to be shipped out of the foundry? (12-14 weeks turnaround is the typical minimum for cast bronze)
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