Other Sculpture Services

Complete Installation Services– We can pack, ship and install your sculpture anywhere in the world. Let us handle the engineering for large bases, both stone and metal, cranes, logistics on the road and final details.

Restoration and Repair– Cleaning, repatination, and repair on sculptures from small to large can be done in our shop or on site. If required, a regular maintenance schedule can be set up.

Crating and Shipping– For smaller work and for pieces that you intend to install yourself, our expert packers can ship your work through UPS or a freight company.

Consultation Services– Need advice on any aspect of the business of sculpture? From the beginning sculptor, to the experienced one, our expert, experienced staff knows the answer.

In-House Sculpting Services– Many of our staff are artists themselves. If you need a sculpture for a public space, or a memorial for a loved one, we have artists that can do the job.

Rubber Mold Storage– Many sculptors take their molds with them at the end of a job. However, if you don’t have room in your studio or you think you might want more pieces cast, we can store your molds for a small fee.

Short run and prototype cast metal parts– This service is for small manufacturers who need from 1-300 of the same part. We use our no-bake sand molding for this.