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Sculpture Services

Bronze and Aluminum Casting

We are, at our heart, a traditional fine art bronze casting foundry. Our process includes rubber molding, ceramic shell, and lost wax casting. Our bronzes are then welded, chased and finished with the patina of your choice. We can create a range of sizes, from desktop to monumental.

Some of our high profile projects include:
Captain Jack, the Spirit of Mecklenberg (Charlotte NC), a 14′ bronze rider and horse sculpted by Chas Fagan.  Fagan’s other works include President HW Bush and President GW Bush at the Bush libraries in TX, the 7′ Ronald Reagan that stands inside the Rotunda of the US Capitol in Washington DC, as well as the 12′ Reagan that stands opposite then General Eisenhower outside the US Embassy in London.

Capt Jack 2sm
Bush 2 Statue
ronnie in

"Thank you so much for the tour. There is so much depth and knowledge of art, metals, casting, welding, chemistry and physics, that I always come back in awe!" Leslie H-T. 

3D Scanning, Enlargement and Reduction

With our state of the art structured light scanning equipment, high detail scans are converted to code. Foam enlargements are then carved on our CNC router. Digital enlargements are a very efficient and extremely precise way of enlarging your model to its full commissioned size. These foam armatures are covered in a thin coating of oil based clay. The sculptor then finishes the final detail, and we resume the work with the traditional lost wax casting process. We can also use this technology to reduce a sculpture in size and create a 3D print in several different materials. Sculptors also have the option of bringing in a digital file that can be created directly in foam, with the normal process continuing from there.

Scanning a model
Carved foam
Adding clay to foam

The Digital Difference

When doing a digital enlargement or 3D print, the quality of the scan makes a difference.

.02mm resolution digital scan 3D print
.02mm resolution digital scan 3D print
.02mm resolution digital scan 3D print
.02mm resolution digital scan 3D print
.02mm resolution digital scan 3Dprint
.02mm resolution digital scan 3Dprint
.2mm resolution digital scan 3D print
.2mm resolution digital scan 3D print
.2mm resolution digital scan 3D print
.2mm resolution digital scan 3D print
.2mm resolution digital scan 3D print
.2mm resolution digital scan 3D print

Metal Fabrication

Our specialty is the advanced integration of 3D digital scanning and digital modeling with plate metal fabrication techniques, including water jet cutting and precise rolling and metal forming. One of the keys is to use digital ‘unrolling’ methods to simplify the construction of three dimensional complex objects. Once the pieces are cut and formed, they are welded together and finished. Fabricated work can be constructed from stainless steel, bronze, aluminum or composite materials. We can use your design or complete a design for your to your specifications.

balancing time. cafe
Carolina Bronze


As a dealer for Matthews Architectural Products, we can also offer commemorative plaques with text, photographs and etchings as well.

Riggs plaque800x600
presidential seal 800x600

Repairs and Restorations

Our skilled metal workers and patina specialists are able to repair damage and defects in metal castings as well as cleaning and restoring patinas. As an additional service our cleaning and restoration crew adds protective layers to preserve the desired artistic look of a sculpture.

Repair and restoration
repair 2
Bronze Plaque Restoration - Before
Bronze Plaque Restoration - Before
Bronze Plaque Restoration - After
Bronze Plaque Restoration - After

Other Sculpture Services

In-House Sculpting Services– Many of our staff are artists themselves. If you need a sculpture for a public space, or a memorial for a loved one, we have artists that can do the job or we can refer you to one of the many professional artists that we work with, including our owner, Ed Walker.

Complete Installation Services– We can pack, ship and install your sculpture anywhere in the world. Let us handle the engineering for large bases, both stone, concrete and metal, cranes, logistics on the road and final details.

Crating and Shipping– For smaller work and for pieces that you intend to install yourself, our expert packers can ship your work through UPS or a freight company.

Consultation Services– Need advice on any aspect of the business of sculpture? From the beginning sculptor, to the professional, our expert, experienced staff knows the answer. New to the bronze casting experience? Visit our foundry for a behind the scenes tour to see how our sculpture is made.

Rubber Mold Storage– Many sculptors take their molds with them at the end of a job. However, if you don’t have room in your studio or you think you might want more pieces cast, we can store your molds for a small fee.