“Freedom’s Charge” by Artist Chas Fagan

Our resident artist and sculptor, Chas Fagan, has once again brought pride to our foundry, as well as our country, with his recent addition to Old Parkland in Dallas, Texas. Here, the history of our Nation is preserved and brought back to life for new generations to enjoy and understand.

“The American Experiment is intended to stimulate reflection on our nation’s heritage and serve as a reminder of its importance. The thoughtful placement of each piece is meant to entice and intrigue visitors. Visitors may stumble across an unfamiliar quote or an obscure piece of sculpture that invites them to reflect on the intent and look for deeper meaning.” , www.oldparkland.com.

Situated outside of Oak Lawn Hall, “Freedom’s Charge,” a 14-foot-tall original bronze sculpture by artist Chas Fagan, depicts two life-size figures of American Revolutionary soldiers. One soldier holds a rifle, while the other holds a billowing “Bunker Hill Flag,” as depicted by artist John Trumbull. Infused in the sculpted “ground” beneath the soldiers’ feet are symbols and historical details of the American Revolution for visitors to contemplate.”

s chargefreedoms charge by chas faganThe construction of this piece was a massive undertaking. The flag alone called for our welders to exercise their best skills and technique in order to provide strength of structure and execute the exact vision of the artist.   The completion of this statue is a fine demonstration of collaboration between the sculptors’ mind and his perfected attention to detail and the talented craftsmen at Carolina Bronze Sculpture, Inc., that dedicate their time not only to excellent quality, but to the artists themselves.

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