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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! – Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig ort

John Devoy Preview
StPatricksDay- preview of John Devoy Sculpture

For St Patrick’s Day, we wanted to give a sneak peek of a sculpture honoring an Irishman by the name of John Devoy.
Born in County Killdare, Ireland in 1842. He joined the efforts to free Ireland from British rule. He worked at recruiting Irish soldiers in the British Army to join the Irish Republican Brotherhood. When the Irish Republican Brotherhood Council of War called for an uprising in 1866, informants revealed their plans to the British. Devoy was arrested and tried for treason in 1866. Prior to his arrest he had gotten engaged to Eliza Kenny, the daughter of a local farmer. After his arrest he was sentenced to fifteen years of penal servitude. Miss Kenny said she would wait for him even though he had released her from her promise. He was sent to Portland Prison in Dorset England. Eventually he was mistakenly told that Eliza Kenny had married, and subsequently that she had died, due to confusion with her sister, and so did not send for her. In due course she married someone else. Devoy remained unmarried throughout his life. In 1871, he was exiled to America where he became a journalist for the New York Herald. In 1874 Devoy was elected chairman of Clan na Gael, an Irish Republican organization. In 1875 he led Clan na Gael to help six Fenians escape an Australian penal colony. He continued to seek Irish independence through his journalism and fundraising efforts. He became the editor of The Gaelic American newspaper from 1903 until his death in 1928. Devoy was amazed to find Eliza still alive when he returned to Ireland in 1924.


Larry Bechtel has worked with us for almost 30 years turning his artistic sculptures into lasting bronze pieces. In addition to his Leaders of the Irish Freedom Movement pieces he has been working on that were commissioned by his client, John Turi, Larry has created a number of monuments and portraits. We are proud to feature one of his pieces, Rapture, at our own Carolina Bronze Sculpture Garden. To see more of Larry’s work and learn more about his Leaders of the Irish Freedom Movement pieces check out his website