“Freedom’s Charge” by Artist Chas Fagan

Our resident artist and sculptor, Chas Fagan, has once again brought pride to our foundry, as well as our country, with his recent addition to Old Parkland in Dallas, Texas. Here, the history of our Nation is preserved and brought back to life for new generations to enjoy and understand.

“The American Experiment is intended to stimulate reflection on our nation’s heritage and serve as a reminder of its importance. The thoughtful placement of each piece is meant to entice and intrigue visitors. Visitors may stumble across an unfamiliar quote or an obscure piece of sculpture that invites them to reflect on the intent and look for deeper meaning.” , www.oldparkland.com.

Situated outside of Oak Lawn Hall, “Freedom’s Charge,” a 14-foot-tall original bronze sculpture by artist Chas Fagan, depicts two life-size figures of American Revolutionary soldiers. One soldier holds a rifle, while the other holds a billowing “Bunker Hill Flag,” as depicted by artist John Trumbull. Infused in the sculpted “ground” beneath the soldiers’ feet are symbols and historical details of the American Revolution for visitors to contemplate.”

s chargefreedoms charge by chas faganThe construction of this piece was a massive undertaking. The flag alone called for our welders to exercise their best skills and technique in order to provide strength of structure and execute the exact vision of the artist.   The completion of this statue is a fine demonstration of collaboration between the sculptors’ mind and his perfected attention to detail and the talented craftsmen at Carolina Bronze Sculpture, Inc., that dedicate their time not only to excellent quality, but to the artists themselves.

William Lamb, Sculptor

fish by william lambRecently, we received a clay piece from the artist/sculptor, William Lamb. William contacted us from Florida and asked if we could help turn his vision of fish in water into bronze.

“My initial idea was to have the fish seem to be floating.  When I have looked at other pieces like this in the past they seem to be cluttered up at the base and contact with fish. I guess it is this was so the two pieces will stay connected.  But, it’s not very representational of what happens in the water.  They say art is the interpretation of what is, but I have seen people that don’t understand habitat and wildlife totally misinterpret that vital part, so set up is so important.” – William Lamb

Just as William’s interpretation of the natural world is important to him; we feel the same way about our dedication to our customer’s concerns. Our wax room, metal shop, and general managers all worked closely together to communicate William’s desires into the bronze without jeopardizing the stability of its structure. In the end, we were able to produce a piece that achieved the desired “floating in water” effect that the sculptor had intended.

Last week, the finished sculpture was packaged up and sent back to William in Florida.

Just got it and it is awesome!!! Thank you so much for getting this done and please tell Jim and the boys they did a fabulous job! Being that it was my first run at this, I could not be more pleased in how it turned out and the entire process. Y’all did great! Best to all of you and Happy Thanksgiving.” – William Lamb

First of Many in Downtown Seagrove!

Seagrove, NC has it’s first sculpture located at the corner of Hwy 705 and Main St on the property of Seagrove Stoneware. “Balancing Time II”  by sculptor Ed Walker is the first of several temporary sculpture installations planned for the downtown area.

“We are doing this as a way to develop arts and tourism in Seagrove,” Ed Walker said. “We have such a great community of artists up and down this road and we need to support all of them.

“2-3 more sculptures are planned for the downtown area,” Melissa Walker said. “We want to try to do a variety of styles in order to appeal to folks in town and those who visit. The community is really excited about it.”

This is an extension of a sculpture park being constructed at the foundry on Maple Springs Road in Seagrove.

“There is still a lot of work to do to landscape the area, put in a walking path and set out large scale outdoor sculptures,” Walker said. “We are planning for 15-20 sculptures along a walking path around a 1 ½-acre pond and we have 45 acres to expand later. We put a call out to other sculptors and already have 11 commitments.

See more at:  Courier Tribune Online
View the video here:  Balancing Time II

Skate, A Rift in Time

As part of the 6th Annual Asheboro Downtown Sculpture Exhibition and in conjunction with the 38th Annual Tri-State Sculptors Conference to be held in Oct. of 2016, numerous large outdoor sculptures are on display in Asheboro, NC. One of those is “Skate, A Rift in Time”,a 14′ fiberglass sculpture by Carolina Bronze owner,  Ed Walker. The sculpture will be on display through December of 2016. This is the first of several large abstract sculptures that Ed is planning on completing in the coming year.

Carolina Bronze Attends the 2015 SAFRE Trade Show

SAFRE parade

Ed and Melissa Walker attended the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo in Raleigh this past week. We met lots of great firefighters and first responders as well as many of their family. Also saw LOTS of fire trucks and equipment to help make us all safer. We hope to continue to help the firefighting community by creating sculpture to immortalize their heroism. We especially loved the parade!

Ed Walker Attends Weeklong Sculpture Workshop

Ed Walker, owner of Carolina Bronze Sculpture, NC’s only commercial fine art bronze casting foundry, has attended a week long figure modeling class with well-known sculptor, Philippe Faraut in upstate NY.

During the week, Ed learned about sculpting both the figure and portraits. Ed commented that, “As one of the in-house sculptors for Carolina Bronze, this workshop greatly increased my skills with sculpting the figure. This training will help me with several upcoming sculpture commissions.” Visit http://edwalkerart.com

Philippe Faraut is a figurative artist specializing in life-size portrait sculptures and monumental stone sculptures. His media of choice are water-based clay and marble. From his extensive research of the human face he developed a technique of modeling the portrait that he shares with his sculpting students during his numerous sculpting classes and seminars taught throughout the US. Visit http://philippefaraut.com/

Balancing Time by Ed Walker

Here is Ed’s finished sculpture, titled “Balancing Time”. It was installed at the REALM Patterson Place Apartments in Durham, NC.

Carolina Bronze Sculpture Receives $10,000 Incumbent Workforce Development Grant

Carolina Bronze Sculpture, NC’s only commercial fine art bronze casting foundry, has recently received an Incumbent Workforce Development Grant for $10,000. This grant was offered through the Regional Partnership Workforce Development Board. It funded 3 days of training on no bake sand molding equipment. The American Foundry Society came to Carolina Bronze’s facility to offer the training on June 24, 25 and 26.

Carolina Bronze is dedicated to providing the highest quality castings possible. This training has given 9 of our staff a higher level of knowledge about sand molding and core making processes used in established foundries. The course provided a detailed level of information about various types of sand and binders, their handling and usage, and how they work together. This course also provided an opportunity for hands-on practice using sand equipment, and gives participants time to walk through the decision-making process for evaluating quality assurance issues related to sand and raw materials, equipment and binders. “Getting this grant was a great opportunity that helped us bring in experts in the casting process. Our employees learned a great deal that they will be putting to good use soon”, said Melissa Walker, Marketing Director. Carolina Bronze is proud to be a corporate member of the American Foundry Society.

The American Foundry Society (AFS) is a non-profit association serving members of the metal casting supply chain both in the United States and abroad. AFS Institute hosts more than 30 practical courses, seminars and workshops annually on all metal casting processes, materials and disciplines, both in-person and online at AFS headquarters, in-plant seminars and other venues throughout North America.

Carolina Bronze Sculpture Receives $50,000 REAP Grant for Green Energy

We are pleased to announce that Carolina Bronze Sculpture, NC’s only commercial fine art bronze casting foundry, has recently received a Rural Energy for America Program Grant for $50,000. This grant will help fund solar panels and a geothermal system for heating and cooling. The solar panels will generate over 75% of the current electrical usage and the geothermal project will heat and cool over half of the facility. An added bonus will be the pond used for the geothermal system. It will do double duty as a sculpture park and walking trail. Anticipated completion is December, 2015.

Carolina Bronze is dedicated to being environmentally responsible. Recycling and reusing materials is done as often as possible. “This grant will help continue our commitment to the environment and provide a sculpture park and trail that can be used by the community and visitors to the Seagrove area. This has been a dream of mine since I first built the foundry on this property 20 years ago. I am elated that it is finally becoming a reality.” says Ed Walker, owner. An additional pond with more sculpture and trails are in the planning stages.

The Rural Energy for America Program is sponsored by the USDA Rural Development Department. It offers small businesses in rural areas grants and loans to help pay for energy efficient and renewable energy projects. Area Specialist, Lynn Straughan, guided Carolina Bronze through the grant writing procedure. Carolina Bronze will be working with The RED Group from Lewisville, NC , www.redgroupnc.com who will be providing the solar panel array and Comfort South from Biscoe, NC, www.comfortsouth.com who will be installing the geothermal system.

Casting Parts For the Hydrogen Powered TIG/m Streetcars

We have been casting streetcar parts for the California based company TIG/m. They are the only company in the world using hydrogen fuel cells to power their cars. Here is a short video about the company.

TIG/m streetcar

TIG/m streetcar

Look closely for the step supports we sand cast in aluminum and the bronze handles and other details throughout the car that were cast using the lost wax process. These rough castings are shipped to their factory where they are finished and installed.

Visit their web page to see more of their process and where these streetcars are going.