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Shipping Container Storage

Everywhere you look, recycled shipping containers are popping up as a new and innovative possibility in everything from the old idea of storage, to the new and more exciting idea of building construction!

Well, of course, Carolina Bronze Sculpture, Inc., is not one to get behind on the times or fail to utilize the opportunity to recycle while simultaneously expanding our abilities to better serve our customers. In conjunction to our newly projected Solar panels and geothermal system, we decided to help recycle some used shipping containers to achieve both added storage space to fit our growing clientele and added to that idea by allowing the containers to become the walls for our new patina area and large sculpture hanger.

We then purchased a POD roof, which is a roof that is constructed on the ground and then raised by a crane and attached to the top of the container walls. The roof is comparatively lightweight, easy to construct, and a fast and effective solution to cover and protect an area that creates a new usable space.

Way to go GREEN, Carolina Bronze!!!

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