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William Lamb, Sculptor

fish by william lambRecently, we received a clay piece from the artist/sculptor, William Lamb. William contacted us from Florida and asked if we could help turn his vision of fish in water into bronze.

“My initial idea was to have the fish seem to be floating.  When I have looked at other pieces like this in the past they seem to be cluttered up at the base and contact with fish. I guess it is this was so the two pieces will stay connected.  But, it’s not very representational of what happens in the water.  They say art is the interpretation of what is, but I have seen people that don’t understand habitat and wildlife totally misinterpret that vital part, so set up is so important.” – William Lamb

Just as William’s interpretation of the natural world is important to him; we feel the same way about our dedication to our customer’s concerns. Our wax room, metal shop, and general managers all worked closely together to communicate William’s desires into the bronze without jeopardizing the stability of its structure. In the end, we were able to produce a piece that achieved the desired “floating in water” effect that the sculptor had intended.

Last week, the finished sculpture was packaged up and sent back to William in Florida.

Just got it and it is awesome!!! Thank you so much for getting this done and please tell Jim and the boys they did a fabulous job! Being that it was my first run at this, I could not be more pleased in how it turned out and the entire process. Y’all did great! Best to all of you and Happy Thanksgiving.” – William Lamb

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